Leisure Activities
Quad Bike

Unleash your inner skill and cruise away in our amazing quad bikes that are readily available to rent and ride on the beach. You want to ride but don’t know how to? Not to worry, our guides are readily available to teach you. The Quad bike rides cost N5,000 per person per ride (A ride is 10 mins) . view schedule

Beach Soccer

Enjoy a game of soccer on the beach your friends and experience fun like never. The cleanliness of Lekki Leisure beach font makes soccer a game most of visitors look forward to. Feel the sand under your feet as your race to the winning post . view schedule


Beach Volleyball is a very famous variant of volleyball and is played between two groups of two players each. Even though it is roused from volleyball, it is formally perceived by FIVB as a different game.

Sack Race

A sack race is a fun game in which participants race with both of their legs inside a sack or pillowcase. Races are held over various distances, or may be in the form of a relay. The first person or team to cross the finished line is the winner. The sack race is undeniably a Sports Day classic. Great fun for children and grown ups alike, it is always guaranteed to result in much hilarity.

Tug of War

This is a classic Tug of War game where teams compete against each other to win using the strengths of each team member at the right intervals. Two teams grab the tug of war rope from each side, while the separating center line is clearly defined between the two teams. Teams give their best to pull one another on their side of the area to win the tug of war.

FootBall Dart

The name of the games says it all; football darts is darts with a football. Take one 22 foot dartboard, a set of Velcro footballs and some eager feet and you have football darts. Play as teams against each other and see who get the highest from three balls or play a traditional darts game, don’t forget to end on a double! Football darts is an excellent team building activity and great fun. You don’t need to be a darts or football expert to win at this game!


Bossaball is a sport that combines volleyball, gymnastic and trampolining into one awesome beachside spectacle that helps keep you in shape and having fun at the same time. Participants are divided into two teams positioned on opposite sides of a net and given large trampolines to bounce on as they try and keep the ball from hitting the ground.

Jet Skiing

Coming Soon!!

Private Parties

Host your private parties at lekki leisure using any of our available event halls and event spaces or the beach font Lekki Leisure has gated entrance and exit points for each event hall or space that is manned by security personnel. If your event is a private one where uninvited guests and party crashers aren’t welcomed, then Lekki Leisure will make sure to keep it that way . view schedule



Organize your Concert and Party

Game Night

Start your night with nice games on the beach. This simple game of accuracy and precision can be as ruthless as is it fun. Plus, once you get into it you can be at it for hours! But that competitive fun doesn’t have to stop after the sun sets.