The Idyllic Destination 2021.

lekki leisure

The Idyllic Destination 2021.

With the hustle and bustle of living in Lagos city, the stress from working and all the unpleasantness we experience daily. The only thing that could be better than having a reprieve from it all, is an awesome destination to have it. This is where Lekki Leisure comes in, a place away from home at home where nature blends with fun. The difference is in the air, felt all around you as you step into the gates. It is a place, not just serene and tranquil but bound to leave you rejuvenated and thoroughly entertained.

Lekki leisure is a private beach, relaxation centre and resort situated at Lekki, a naturally formed peninsula and city in the state of Lagos. Lekki Leisure is a destination encapsulating various locations as each part of it has been developed to have its own character, aesthetics and taste. Amidst all of these eccentricities, Lekki Leisure in its heart is all about retaining and showcasing its natural beauty and uniqueness as the resort borders on the water with an astonishing view of the Atlantic Ocean.

As the name clearly suggests, it is a place of leisure and relaxation and with that, there are tons of things to do at Lekki leisure. It is truly a multifunctional space, uniquely tailored to suit whatever you may have in mind and create that experience for you. It has indoor and outdoor services, beach activities, specialities like buffets, karaoke night and so much more. You might be looking to host and organize an event, a get-together, a meeting with business associates, a hangout with friends, your birthday party, anniversaries, go on date or a couples hang-out. Whatever it is, the location is perfectly suited to handle it.

You will undoubtedly have the ultimate dining experience when you visit Lekki Leisure, as the food is professionally made with tastes and flavours that would boggle your mind. It hosts a well-equipped bar, drinks all available depending on your preference. Worthy of note is the pleasant services of the staff on board, the alertness of the security personnel and every detail ironed out for an amazing experience on the beach at Lekki Leisure.

On this note, take that well deserved get away by visiting the breath-taking and idyllic Lekki Leisure where every speciality and activity is put in place to offer you on location, adventure and fun. Pick out a scene to chill as each one is with its own design and appeal, eat a scrumptious meal, hear the crashing of the waves against the stones, feel the refreshing spray of the sea and then of course, take that relaxing walk down the moonlit or sun soaked beach with fine sand under your toes and blue skies above you. Lekki Leisure awaits you!

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