The Love Nest Experience

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The Love Nest Experience

When February 14th, the most romantic time of the year came. A day when couples celebrate love and the magic of the day creates an avenue to renew vows and profess new love. Lekki Leisure interested in sharing in the affection and feelings of the day, threw open its doors to host a traditional valentine’s day for lovers by offering a paradisiacal scenery of the ocean and beach to create a beautiful atmosphere for individuals looking to celebrate love, friendship, and admiration. And traditional it was, as couples waltzed in hand in hand with their partners, looking forward to spending quality time together and creating unique memories to cherish forever. 

Preparations were tailored to making sure that couples had the ultimate dining experience as well as other fun aspects of a proper date. The sitting placements included the gabion court with a beautiful view of the ocean or out on the beachfront. Different packages were available for couples and singles depending on preference and inclusive in these packages were access to a personal waiter, an amazing food and drink menu, love games, a silent movie out on the terrace overlooking the ocean, a live band performance to serenade lovers and many more. The highlight was spicing up Valentine’s day by launching a giveaway challenge to win an all-expense paid dinner for two at Lekki Leisure. 

Valentine’s day at Lekki Leisure which was themed “The Love Nest”, was truly an extraordinary experience for everyone who celebrated there. The scene was an epitome of a truly romantic day as every detail was perfected on with the utmost mindfulness for lovers, down from the ambience to physical details like candles, roses, and romantic décors. The stunning ocean views added to the desired mood as some patrons could not help but comment on how the sounds of water lapping, the cool breeze, and the general aura of the beach added to the romantic fuelled day. 

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